Updated version of NCT now on GitHub

Since I am no longer working in academia, I wanted to update the NCT package and add example code of the new functionalities in the help file. I hope this will tackle most of the questions. You can now use NCT in combination with the estimateNetwork() function. This enables using various network estimation methods (e.g., … Continue reading

Paper about the Network Comparison Test is now in press!

Although the paper about the Network Comparison Test (NCT) was around for quite a long time, it took a while to finish it due to all kinds of circumstances. Finally, it is now accepted for publication in Psychological Methods. Click here for the accepted version. The final article will be available, upon publication, via its … Continue reading

Our Lancet Psychiatry review and position paper about urban mental health published

Proud to announce that our review and position paper from UvA’s Centre for Urban Mental Health is now published in The Lancet Psychiatry: Advancing urban mental health research: from complexity science to actionable targets for intervention In this interdisciplinary paper, we present a new framework for investigating mental health in cities. You can find the … Continue reading

NWO Veni grant!

Very happy that I have been awarded a €250k Veni grant for developing a multi-timescale network modelling framework! To reduce the burden of depression, symptoms should be studied at the appropriate timescales. Current methods cannot handle variables with different measurement frequencies. This project aspires to develop a multi-timescale network modeling framework to cross current methodological … Continue reading

NetLogo revisited

Since it is possible again to run NetLogo models in your browser, I would like to publish one of my good old NetLogo models: Vulnerability to Depression. The nice thing about it is that you can play around and let the model run while adjusting several things. For example, you can adjust the connection strength, … Continue reading

Van Swinderen Prize 2018

On December 18, the Van Swinderen Prize was awarded during the 1821st meeting of the Royal Physics Society Groningen for best thesis and being able to reach out to a general (academic) public. Based on presentations of the four nominees on their research, I won the second prize and received € 1000!

Updated version of NCT

The NetworkComparisonTest package has now been updated on GitHub (link here) to version 2.1.1. In this new version, I added an argument “p.adjust.methods”. With this argument you can specify how to control for multiple edge testing to control type I error. You can choose one of “holm”, “hochberg”, “hommel”, “bonferroni”, “BH”, “BY”, “fdr”, or “none”. If … Continue reading

Interview at Radio Swammerdam

Below a podcast of an interview on AmsterdamFM in a weekly program about science in Amsterdam called Radio Swammerdam (in Dutch).  

“Psychopathology networks replicate with stunning precision”

Check out this interesting blog of our Psychosystems Group regarding a recently accepted paper that purports to show that network structures do not replicate across datasets. To quote a statement of the blog in response to the paper: “…state-of-the-art networks don’t just replicate – they replicate with stunning precision.”