Welcome to my website! Here, you can find information about me and the projects I am working on.

hoofd_zwCurrently, I work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Amsterdam, with the Psychosystems group led by Denny Borsboom. Working in close collaboration with clinical researchers, helps identifying clinically interesting questions. Examples of such questions are: “What is it that makes some patients recover from MDD while others do not?” or “Why do some healthy individuals develop MDD whereas others do not?” Such questions make me think about how to assess this and what methods should be developed?  Since the network approach is relatively new,  a lot of methodology is missing. Therefore, I have developed a method to estimate a network structure from binary data (IsingFit), and a method to statistically compare two network structures (NCT), for example. In my future work as a PostDoc, I will focus on questions such as “How unique are individuals?” and “What is the best time frame to capture individuals’ dynamics of symptoms?”

For more information, see my CV and dissertation.

For questions, you can contact me at cvborkulo@gmail.com.