NWO Veni grant!

Very happy that I have been awarded a €250k Veni grant for developing a multi-timescale network modelling framework!

To reduce the burden of depression, symptoms should be studied at the appropriate timescales. Current methods cannot handle variables with different measurement frequencies. This project aspires to develop a multi-timescale network modeling framework to cross current methodological borders to simultaneously investigate symptoms at the time scales at which they evolve.

Therefore, these three objectives are crucially important:

  1. Develop a formal theoretical model for depression, which is essential to determine what data is needed to study depression
  2. Develop a network estimation method that crosses current methodological borders to allow the estimation of network structure among fast and slow-changing variables in one network
  3. Empirically test the formal theoretical model with the multi-timescale network estimation method by collecting and analyzing unique data with longitudinal measurements on different timescales and existing datasets

I would like to thank all colleagues, reviewers, and committee members who took the time to provide their valuable feedback and insights. Looking forward to work on this project in the years to come!