Updated version of NCT

OctocatThe NetworkComparisonTest package has now been updated on GitHub (link here) to version 2.1.1. In this new version, I added an argument “p.adjust.methods”. With this argument you can specify how to control for multiple edge testing to control type I error. You can choose one of “holm”, “hochberg”, “hommel”, “bonferroni”, “BH”, “BY”, “fdr”, or “none”. If you do not specify this argument, it uses the default “none”.

In the older version, a Holm-Bonferroni correction was applied. However, when doing exploratory analyses, one might be interested in the uncorrected p-values. If you are doing hypothesis testing, you can now choose your own method of correction. See the help page of the p.adjust() function in R for more information about the different methods.

If you encounter problems or bugs, please let me know: cvborkulo@gmail.com. I will upload the new version to CRAN soon.